Fabulous Fan Veil Dancers

Rachel teaches Fabulous Fan Veils at the Canberra Dance Theatre and she and her students form the Fabulous Fan Veil Dancers! Together, this troupe have performed at shows across the ACT including the Multicultural Festival, the Curry festival, Mondayitis Cabaret, Ode to Eve and An Elemental Evening.

Class Blurb

Ever wanted to learn the hypnotic and extravagant art of Silk Fan Veils?

Are you looking to dramatically enhance your performances and convey different moods and attitudes through a breathtaking whirl of colours?

Now is your chance! Rachel is known for her use of silk fan veils and in this class, she will share her tips and techniques on using these props with showgirl style!

Learn a variety of techniques and movements as well as a series of exciting combos including individual, double and group work which will all be pulled together to create a fun and cheeky choreography. We’ll explore single, double, open and closed fan work to help build strength in the core, wrists, arms, back; increase flexibility; and develop musicality.

Classes are suitable for complete beginner to those with experience looking to finesse their existing skills.

What to wear: clothing that allows you to dance and move freely

What to bring: Fan veils or cash to buy them in class

Where: Canberra Dance Theatre, crn Barry Drive and Kingsley St

When: Tuesday evenings (6:00pm – 7:20pm)


Fans Used in Class

Students are asked to bring their own fan veils to class.However, spare fan veils will be available for loan during the class.

If you are looking to buy fan veils outside of class, I recommend www.silk-bamboo.com. They can custom make and dye silk fans for you at very reasonable prices and you usually get them within 3 -4 weeks. However, for an additional $23 they will express post it to you.

Any fan veils are welcome to the class. However, Rachel will be using standard fan veils (1.5m long, 0.9m wide on medium bamboo staves and made of 5mm paj silk).